A female Chamba sculpture


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A female Chamba sculpture from the region Adamawa, Nigeria, standing on wedge shaped feet, legs apart and slightly bent, accentuated genitals, prominent buttocks, the columnar torso with a pointed navel and tiny breasts, shoulders are hunched forward, slightly bent arms with fin-like hands, a helmet-like head framed by large, tapering ears, a protruding mouth showing teeth, a perforated nose that is formed only as an incision in the face, the eyes marked by circular incisions, small notches along the head; hard wood covered with crusty reddish patina, several aged cracks, incl. stand. Provenance Mama NSANGOU.

Lit.: K.-F. Schädler: Encyclopedia of African Art and Culture, Munich 2009; Jean-Baptiste Bacquart: The Tribal Arts of Africa’ by Jean-Baptiste Bacquart, 2002.

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Height: 62 cm
Weight: 3 kg (incl. stand)

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Weight 3 kg