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A Dan maternity, from the region Man, village Biankouma, standing on fragmentary feet leading to slightly bent, powerful legs and prominent buttocks, a slender torso with a pointed navel and hanging, tapering breasts, broad powerful shoulders, a child is clinging to her back looking sidewise, the elongated cylindrical neck supporting a spherical head, a large mouth with full lips, a broad nose leading to high arched brows, bulging narrow eyes, a vertical ridge in the center of the forehead, hemispherical ears with a prominent tragus, the neck, upper arms, breasts, abdomen and legs covered with leaf-shaped scarification marks, the head capped bya striated four-parted coiffure; reddish, partly glossy patina, traces of age and ritual use, several cracks, the right hand of the sculpture partly eroded, damages on the head of the maternity sculpture and on the figure of the child. Provenance Mr. Cabinet.

Lit.: Eberhard Fischer and Hans Himmelheber: The Arts of the Dan in West Africa, Museum Rietberg, Zürich, 1984; Eberhard Fischer: Dan Artists: The Sculptors Tame, Si, Tompieme and Sõn- Their Personalities and Work, Zurich, 2014; MetMuseum Dan Female Figure; Wolfgang Jaenicke: Maternities West African Art.

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Weight 3.4 kg