A Chamba statue

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A Chamba statue from the village Akonga in the state of Nasarawa, Nigeria. Provenance Mama Nsangou.

The Chamba live in eastern Nigeria and in Cameroon -adjacent to the Dakka and Mumuye- and are estimated to have only about 20,000 members. The Chamba tribe is divided into small kingdoms and has extensive initiation rites. Their figures and masks show a preference for heavy abstraction and can be very strong in character and impressive in their execution.

Lit.: K.-F. Schädler: Encyclopedia of African Art and Culture, Munich 2009; Jean-Baptiste Bacquart: The Tribal Arts of Africa’ by Jean-Baptiste Bacquart, 2002.

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Height: 61 cm
Weight: 2,4 kg (incl. stand)

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Weight 2.4 kg