A Benin Bronze of a hunter

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A Benin Bronze of a hunter, Nigeria, Tada style

The hunter’s motive, which carries a killed antelope on his shoulders, is more common in the iconography of the Yoruba, and has probably received the greatest publicity through its copy in the British Museum. At the foot of these figures, which are usually on a rectangular pedestal, we see a leopard, which is the symbol of the hunters, because he himself is the hunter of the other animals in the bush. In the middle of the base is usually a hole, which served to accept victims. The figure has a strongly oxidized, greenish patina and various cracks, especially in the torso and in the legs.

This object can be visited during the auction in the Gallery Wolfgang Jaenicke. It will not be sent and can only be picked up. After the end of the auction, the highest bidder can have the object for further analysis by its own account without significantly affecting the object in its substance. For this analysis, the winner of the auction has a period of 14 days. The object is from an old African Collection. Restitution organizations and individuals who are intensively concerned with restitution issues were informed about the object. See also Cultural Property Protection Law (Kultur Gut Schutz Gesetz – KGSG). Wolfgang Jaenicke Gallery, Berlin.

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TL Analysis Kotalla, 800 years +/- 15 percent.

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Height: 60 cm
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Weight 8.1 kg