A Benin bronze in shape of a horseman

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A Benin bronze in shape of a horseman, posted on a rectangular base; greenish, partly encrusted surface.

Oranmiyan was a prince who was the first to bring horses to Benin. He lived in the 13th century. According to the legend, it was this warrior prince who arrived from the ancient Yoruba capital Ife. He was the founder of the second (and current) dynasty of Benin.  He is wearing all his princely regalia and his multi-layered hat is magnificent. The root of the word Benincomes from the word prince Oranmiyan used for his new place – ibini. 

Felix von Luschan: Die Altertümer von Benin, Band 1-3, Berlin 1919, S. 174 und 297.  Philip Dark, W./ B. Forman: Die Kunst von Benin, Prag 1960, S. 50. Paula Girshick Ben-Almos: The art of Benin, London 1995, S. 54, Barbara Plankensteiner (Hg.): Benin. Könige und Rituale. Höfische Kunst aus Nigeria, Wien 2007, S. 449/ 450.
Wolfgang Jaenicke., Der blinde Fleck in der Provenienz-Forschung, 2019

This object can be visited during the auction in the Gallery Wolfgang Jaenicke. It will not be sent and can only be picked up. After the end of the auction, the highest bidder can have the object for further analysis by its own account without significantly affecting the object in its substance. For this analysis, the winner of the auction has a period of 14 days. The object is from an old African Collection. Restitution organizations and individuals who are intensively concerned with restitution issues were informed about the object. See also Cultural Property Protection Law (Kultur Gut Schutz Gesetz – KGSG). Wolfgang Jaenicke Gallery, Berlin.

TL- Analysis Kotalla 380 years +/- 19 percent.

3.600 – 4.200,- Euro

Height: 57 cm
Length: 36 cm
Width: 18 cm
Weight: 10,7 kg

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Weight 10.7 kg