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A Benin bronze head of a soldier or messenger, with a goatee beard, stylized cat whiskers at the corners of the mouth, full lips, slender nose, but wide at the tip and big wide-opened eyes, giving him an authoritative look. Three arrows attached to the back of the helmet-like headgear and a circular opening at the top of it where once an ivory tooth was situated, as a mystical connection from this world to the hereafter. In the neck a single long, thin braid emerging from under the headgear. The greenish, smooth patina indicates a high copper content. s. Wolfgang Jaenicke “Eine Lücke in unserem Gedächtnis”.

This object can be visited during the auction in the Gallery Wolfgang Jaenicke. It will not be sent and can only be picked up. After the end of the auction, the highest bidder can have the object for further analysis by its own account without significantly affecting the object in its substance. For this analysis, the winner of the auction has a period of 14 days. The object is from an old African Collection. Restitution organizations and individuals who are intensively concerned with restitution issues were informed about the object. See also Cultural Property Protection Law (Kultur Gut Schutz Gesetz – KGSG).

TL Analysis 400 years +/-18 %.

3.800 – 4.600,- Euro

A small guided tour of Ife and Benin bronzes

Height: 27 cm
Weight: 2,6 kg

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Weight 2.6 kg