A Baule couple of the “atelier of the Masters of Sakassou”


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A Baule couple of the “atelier of the Masters of Sakassou”, Ivory Coast, one of the most valued artists of this region, even there are also other excellent, more or less unknown sculptors of this region, which don´t have a similar popularity: These two sculptures were standing on the same altar, a thick crusty patina “makes it possible to identify it with a statue of Asia usu – representation dictated by the soothsayer of a “genie of the bush” in the form of a beautiful human.”

This workshop was identified by Susan Vogel in 1994 and referred to as “Nzipri’s Workshop” (1999: Fig. 12-19), then by Vincent Bouloré who named it “the hand-tied character workshop”, with reference to the pose of several of them (2000: 196). This workshop, constituting one of the few known stylistic ensembles of this importance in the Baulé statuary (Bouloré, idem), is, according to Susan Vogel, composed of several contemporary sculptors who lived in the 19th century and who influenced each other (Vogel, 1999: Same).

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