A Bamana maternity statue Diola region


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A Bamana maternity statue Diola region in the province of Saro in Mali, sitting on a two-legged stool, the torso elongated with tapering, downturned breasts on which a child is sucking, held by the mother with both hands above the protruding navel, cylindrical long neck with oval head sitting on top with protruding mouth and long narrow nose leading to the stylized eyebrows, headdress with mohawk and plaits; lines on the upper arms, brownish patina with some signs of age.

The value of children in women’s lives is expressed in a song sung by newly undressed Bamana women (Luneau 1974:539).

“The child you carry
The child you carry
is an adornment
Even if you put gold in the ears
In your wife’s ears
The adornment of a woman is
The child she bears.”

“If you are not afraid of women, master
If you are not afraid of women
you are not afraid of anything”

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Weight 10.8 kg