A Bamana hobbyhorse, of a Sógo Bó masquerade


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A Bamana hobbyhorse, of a Sógo Bó masquerade, central Segou region, Mali, the long ears pierced for decorative tassel pendants, below the pierced nostrils the mouth is slightly open, the finely crafted tongue is stuck out a bit, the eyes are worked as incisions, decorated with fine, geometric patterns, hollowed at the neck and pierced through for attachment; fine, aged brownish patina with encrustations;

“Sógo bò, a puppet masquerade drama, pereformed today in many Bamana communities within the Ségou region in south central Mali is organized under the auspices if the kamalen ton, the village youth association. It is defined by the community as nyènajè, entertainment and tulon, play. The Sogo bò masquerade has a regional identity rather bthan being associated with a single ethnic group.Sogo bò did not originate with the Bamana, but with the Bozo fishermen. By the late nineteenth century, however, Bamana within Ségou began to adopt the masquerade theater and throughout the last century it flourished in these farming communities.”

Lit.: Mary Jo Arnoldi, Bamana Art of Existance in Mali, Museum for African Art, New York, Museum Rietberg, Zürich, edit. by Jean Paul Colleyn, 2003, p. 77.

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