A Bamana, ‘Bambara-Nyeleni’


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A Bamana, ‘Bambara-Nyeleni’, standing on a round solid base in typical Bambara style, with a carefully carved head on a very long neck, with characteristic Bambara facial features and a crested coiffure over the forehead, immediately followed by the nose and large ears, and with tribe-typical ornamental scars in the shoulder and breast area in front and on the back, the posture could be that of a dancer with the spine describing a curve with the belly pushed forward and the arms also pointing forward, shiny patina on dark heavy wood in good general condition.

The Bambara, arable farmers in the savannah of Mali, have six age divisions that each Bambara man must ritually pass through in the course of his life. With respective bush camps, lessons and initiation exams. The 3rd stage of this age-class system is called ‘Jo’ – and in this stage the young boys come to a marriageable age. Then they go with the figures, statues, called ‘Nyeleni’ (‘little pretty girl’), in search of a bride, moving from village to village, looking for a ‘little pretty girl’ to marry. The female character written here is one of these ‘Nyeleni’ (or ‘Jo-Nyeleni’).

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Height: 79 cm
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Weight 6.5 kg